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We ride. We trek. We capture.
Imbibing the true spirit of a traveller by
treading off the beaten path and rediscovering
the underrated pleasures of travel.


We ride. We trek. We capture Part 4

It all evolved around a closed Nexus of wanderlust addicts who not only craved to witness the beautiful amalgamation of culture, religion and nature the world had to offer; but also wanted to rediscover the underrated pleasures of travel.

So, in our attempt to really imbibe the true spirit of a traveller, we started finding happiness in treading off the beaten path, visiting places people usually don’t visit and appreciating the simpler and trivialized experiences which were worth committing to memory.

We not only found joy in trekking along the rainforested interiors, camping in the midst of tangled velvet jungles and riding through the curving hills dropping down to gin-clear seas; but also found joy on cloud-shrouded mountains by just staring off into the distance for hours on end, watching the water flow and the sun set.

We can go on and on but we will let our feed do some talking.

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