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Travelling? Here are 8 reasons why having friends all over the country is a blessing

Friends!!. They are an absolute pain in the arse (OK, that was a little British). No seriously, they are a real pain in the ass. And if you have them crazy ones, the pain goes up seventeen notches higher.

Sometimes, these weird species (friends) make us do things which are certifiable batshit crazy. Things like making us pronounce names that don’t even have alphabets while being half naked or making us buy large quantities of illegal stuff from bleak and despairing hellholes we can ever imagine or even making us try stunts which are not meant to be tried at home, workplace, college, in fact anywhere. Not even under superman’s supervision. Those buggers have always tortured us like them Nazis.

But then, they are the ones who make our lives meaningful. They always make us happy and we can bet our spleens on the fact that they always love us selflessly and unconditionally. From tending to find kickass ways of lifting our spirits on a low day, to teaching us to punch above our weight; they’ve always made our lives more colorful and much more hardcore. And that’s the exact reason why sometimes we love them more than our girlfriends/boyfriends.

So, here are 8 of many reasons why having friends (mix of uber – cool and ever – dapper people) all over the country is a blessing for travelers.

1. You get to stay for free.

Saving money on a place to stay?. It doesn’t get better than this. In fact the money stays in your pockets while assuring that the stay’s ambiance and the love is 100% genuine. And what better place to stay in a home away from home right?.

2. Food. Yayy!!!!.

You miss the magical home food sometimes, but when you’re in your friend’s backyard, you don’t have to worry about the food. Its all taken care of. The mouthwatering local street food/speciality you ask?. That’s taken care of too. You are sure to get your taste buds tantalized.

3. You don’t spend a dime.

They redefine all expense paid. They pay for everything. The sightseeing, the junk food, the transportation, the liquor, the local weed, the hefty fine for over speeding after getting drunk, money paid for breaking the neighbors window after paying the hefty fine for over speeding after getting drunk; it’s all paid by them.

4. They’re your local guide.

Going local is always top priority for many travelers (including me). And who knows going local better than the local himself/herself. From interesting local stories to secluded local alleys, they make sure you never miss out on them.

5. Shopping.

They know what to buy, when to buy, how to buy and where to buy. Talk about shopping made easy. They make sure you get the better deals even if it means that they have to show their flaming dragon bargaining skills while buying stuff.

6. Language barrier.

“Kya haal bhai?”, “Meeru evaru?”, “Oota aitha?”, “Enga poganum?”, ” Kaay kartes?” and “Tumi kothai theke acho?”. All these suddenly makes sense because you’ll have your very own translator standing right next to you. No more scratching of the heads/brains due to unknown language.

7. Forgotten things?. Don’t you worry.

Everything of theirs is yours for the taking. From bed sheet to toothpaste, from motorcycle to laptop, from TV to their clothes; even their underwear is yours (if the size fits you though). No questions asked. Take all you want.

8. Money.

Let’s face it. The feeling of having some money on a rainy day is always reassuring. But sometimes while traveling, you run out of cash (unless you are one of those mafia kids). But, when a friend’s around, you do not need to think twice for asking him/her for some much needed dough. You can always pay them back next month/year/decade/never.

But sometimes, “good old company” is what we yearn from a friend; and if that doesn’t give us a reason, then nothing will. So go on. Make friends all over the country/across continents/around the world because friends are amazing.

“All hail friendship”.

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