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We ride. We trek. We capture.
Imbibing the true spirit of a traveller by
treading off the beaten path and rediscovering
the underrated pleasures of travel.


Her: Are you a celebrity?

Her: Are you a celebrity?

Me: No. The limelight do not please me. The only thing that entreats me is the mother nature.

Nothing gives me more joy than witnessing mother nature at her finest.

Her: Ofcourse, I like nature too. But tell me one thing, what is beyond nature?

I had nothing to answer. Absolutely nothing.

Me: That’s a very difficult question and I’m not intellect enough to answer that.

She: Exactly; because nothing is beyond nature. We are all a part of mother nature.

That’s all she said.

Apparently, she understood mother nature better than me. Her understanding for the nature was way beyond I could have ever imagined. We certainly are a part of the natural world. She was very true.

And now I realize, the amount of harm I’ve done to the nature (knowingly or unknowingly) is the harm I’ve done to myself.

She made me realise that “We are all her children and its our duty to protect her”.

The sunrise, the sunset, the hills, the snow, the far sky, the mother nature that I love so much; is taking a beating. It hurts her. It hurts me too.

It’s my duty to do my part in protecting her.

I definitely will.

Thank you Title for reminding me of my purpose.

This wonderful picture of the mother nature’s sunset is dedicated to “Titli”.

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