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We ride. We trek. We capture.
Imbibing the true spirit of a traveller by
treading off the beaten path and rediscovering
the underrated pleasures of travel.

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About Us

We ride, We trek, We capture

Who we are

We ride, We trek, We capture

Initially, we evolved around a closed Nexus of wanderlust addicts who not only craved to witness the beautiful amalgamation of culture, religion and nature the world had to offer; but also wanted to rediscover the underrated pleasures of travel.

In our attempt to really imbibe the true spirit of a traveler, we started finding happiness in treading off the beaten path, visiting places people usually don’t visit and appreciating the simpler and trivialized experiences which were worth committing to memory.

We not only found joy in trekking along the rainforested interiors, camping in the midst of tangled velvet jungles and riding through the curving hills dropping down to gin-clear seas; but also found joy on cloud-shrouded mountains by just staring off into the distance for hours on end, watching the water flow and the sun set.

Over time, we developed a potential to express arousing portraiture and an ability to design absorbing visual graphic of the location through words. But, we basically wanted everyone to witness what we witnessed. We gave it a thought and started Ridesntreks.

We could go on and on about Ridesntreks, but right now, we’ll just keep quite and let the reviews and our fellow trekkers do all the talking.

How are we different from others?

Basically, passion drives us into adventure!

We are a hive of trained and certified professionals in the field of adventure, catered under the ministry of defense at elite mountaineering institutes in the nation. We comprise of mountaineers, rock climbers, canyoneers, cave explorers, paragliding pilots and adventure course enthusiasts who also happen to be jacks of few trades, including river crossing, skiing, zip lining and pure motorcycling. Endurance motorcyclists who've done multiple road trips all around the nation, passionate trekkers who've done countless treks both north and south and a bunch of fanatic travelers who are well versed in basic life saving parameters, are all part of the team. We're not only passionate about the great outdoors but are completely self-motivated; and our penchant to travel demands us to explore without prejudice, leaving our work to give our fellow trekkers a true impression of the overall experience. Having traveled and trekked quite a lot of awe-striking places that India has to offer, we think we can paint a picture for others to imagine how exactly it feels to visit those picturesque places; and that's exactly what we do.