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We ride. We trek. We capture.
Imbibing the true spirit of a traveller by
treading off the beaten path and rediscovering
the underrated pleasures of travel.

We know that a quest is the beating heart of a good story; we go on a mission and derive insight from our expeditions to turn those creative Sparks into narrative arcs.

We trek for the challenge in itself; these challenges propel and lead us towards meaning discoveries. It leads us to discover us!

We capture because the snapshots and the scribbled notes are threads in a yarn only we could tell. We capture not to return with photos but to return with stories.

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Giri R

Ombattugudda Trek (27Oct) : They are always at their best, taking good care of the trek mates...

Rupi Ka Ruthra

This was my first trek and it turned out to be a memorable one .The trek was on a hill top and was a challenging one but it became more fun as it was raining throughout the trek which made it little difficult to trek yet exciting!. Overall the trek was really beautiful.. Hoping to team up again with yet another amazing plan.

Srilakshmi N

Kodachadri trek. An experience that hangs on the shoulders of the clouds that are spreaded across to widen our perspective in the nature. As the journey began through the woods, towards the cliff, a voice held me tight throughout my voyage, a voice amidst the nature, a voice of optimism. The dense lush green rejuvenating my soul on each step I took into the woods that eventually led me into myself. And finally reaching on the paradise itself (hidlumane falls) where i discovered myself, but more. Also, all of this was possible only because of ridesntreks with a well planned itinerary. Thank you Vikram, it was indeed the best and memorable trek for me.

Shivam Saxena

Thank you Ridesntreks for making my first trek experience so great. I still recall having so many concerns about the trekking, what all things would be required, what precautions are needed and lot more. Thanks to Rahana who convinced me and addressed all my questions. During the trek, the support we got from the trek Leads (Rahana, Lijin, Senthil, Akshay) helped us at every moment. I did not felt the tiredness of the long haul, thanks to the companions of the trip that made the journey so exciting and boosted at every point. Everything was well-organized and planned in a very efficient manner. Looking forward to more such events.

Pooji Rangan

It was a very great experience getting drenched during the trek to Tadiandamol peak which was even challenging and something that I haven't experienced so far.. Though we weren't able to see few views, views with the fog and rain were amazing.. From the view from our cottage to food,games,spots and everything was planned and managed so beautifully.. Thank you for this wonderful experience captain Vikram.. Hoping to team up soon with yet another cool plan..✌️

Manjunath Sj

This is my first trekking experience with ridesntreks I had been to Thadiyandamol, kabbe hills with ridesntreks.I am so glad to joined this group.Rahana,Lejin are the most motivated and inspiring, friendly organizers and anyone can ever meet. Joined the group as stranger returned with a very good friends gang. ☺ The entire trip was very well organized and had lots of fun we were all provided with awesome shelter, we played games,firecamp, and most importantly very yummy food and snacks through out the entire trip.Took a very good care of everyone in the trip. Looking forward for more treks and rides with ridesntreks🤗😄😄

Josephine Mala

My first Trek and what a better way to start your year with smething new to expereince. This was a iceing on the cake when Dixit happen to share this trip for BarotValley Himachal. No bragging every minute was worth staying and experiencing. Right frm the travel to the stay to the food everything was taken well care off and planned. Dixit went out of his way to ensure there is no discomfort watsover. The focus was to make the trip memorable and cherishable. And yes its a worth experience to tell and share. The star rating limits you to 5 ☹️ U are beyond rating. One place to lookout guyz incase you want to expereince and explore . Ridesntreks long way to go 👍🏻

Gahan Mg

I had recently been to Tadiandamol and Kabbe hills with Ridesntreks and i must say it was a really good experience. The whole trip was very well organised and what started as a trip with strangers, ended with one of my most memorable weekends. From trekking to games to camp fire, everything was fun and they made sure each one of us were comfortable around. Highly recommend if you are into into trekking and travelling.

Punith Bm Achar

One of the best trekking organization I have ever been with. We Started the journey from bangalore in a bus which was comfortable enough, as it was already raining, it took a bit longer than usual to reach kodachadri, can't forget Walking in the forest trails, drenching in rain,the food we had in the peak of kodachadri when we were literally tired after a long trek, the homestay where we stayed, the team spirit, and oh not to forget the crazy hidlumane falls! Damn, the falls was so different from any other falls,you need to literally cross a waterfall.! 🤩 which was indeed a challenging one,it provokes the adventurer inside you. One hell of an experience seriously ❤️ these are things which no ones forgets and will definitely cherish lifelong. Thank you ridesntreks. Thanks Vikram for organizing such a wonderful event.

नेहा कुकरेती

Went with a bunch of strangers returned with a loving family, such an amazing set of people , had so much fun , every one was so helpful made the trek look easier. So well planned and organized and everything was taken care of being it the yummy food and the stay , we played Games and danced , a complete with fun package with a lot of Adventure, Looking forward for the next trek . 🤟


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